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                                      National Cement Machinery New Revised Standard compliance standards implementati
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                                      28 standard cement mechanical aspects related to the Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Road and Bridge Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Shenyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. and other units responsible for drafting, was in 2006 by the National Development and Reform The Committee approved the release implemented. According to the State Council supporting the superior inferior, fake fidelity requirements and standards promulgated by the National Development and Reform Commission to increase after the implementation of the evaluation and acceptance Publicizing efforts and spirit of the instructions, by the State Building Materials Industry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee of the organization " National Cement Machinery New Revised Standard Guanbiao compliance work meeting "on April 24 to 25 held in Tai'an, Shandong, more than 100 delegates from across the cement mechanical design, manufacturing, quality control, management and other units attended the meeting.
                                      28 new award criteria are as follows:
                                      1. The cement industry kiln
                                      2. The cement industry tube mill
                                      3. The cement industry push grate cooler
                                      The cement industry rotary dryer
                                      5. anti-rust paint cement machinery and technical conditions
                                      6. Cement Industrial conditioning tower
                                      7. cement machinery packaging conditions
                                      8. The cement industry to enhance the model and basic parameters with chain bucket
                                      9. The cement industry chain bucket elevator technical conditions
                                      10. The cement industry to enhance the model and basic parameters with tape bucket
                                      11. The cement industry with tape bucket elevator technical conditions
                                      12. The building materials industry chromium alloy casting ball
                                      13. The cement industry channel coal burner technology windy conditions
                                      14. Building Materials Industrial chute solids flowmeters
                                      15. The cement industry preheater decomposition furnace systems and equipment technical conditions
                                      16. The cement industry bearing (bearing)
                                      17. The cement industry with a combined separator
                                      18. The sealing device for cement industry
                                      19. The cement industry with hot air valve
                                      20. The cement industry with three air lock device
                                      21. Cement Industrial warehouse-style pump
                                      22. The cement industry screw pumps
                                      23. Cement Industrial pneumatic lift pump
                                      24. Impact Sand
                                      25. The cement industry air Cannon
                                      26. The building materials industry with belt dosing machine
                                      27. Building Materials Industrial Solid flow chute feeder
                                      28. The cement industry chain technology Article
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