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                                      Strong demand for cement mainland Taiwan tonic
                                      Addtime:2015-11-14 10:41:26  |  Hits:4403
                                      With the approach of the year, across the continent regardless of public works in real estate or speed up the work, resulting in mainland cement prices rose Buzz wind, present not only in short supply, but also to take the cash queue looting goods. Taiwan Cement with Universal Cement has decided from the 15th, in Guangdong Province, sales of cement, and then hike 20 yuan per ton, reaching 400 yuan. Asia Cement also revealed that within the Chengdu cement has recently risen to 430 yuan from top to bottom. "Business Times" reported that the mainland this year, demand for cement is different from the past, each cement shipments are long queues, waiting for customers holding cash shipments, each cement production also speed up the work, until payment recorded before shipment. TCC deputy general manager Huang Jianqiang analysis, the mainland since the second half of this year, the demand for cement is stronger than the wave of a wave, the price is triple, the factory is located in Yingde busy day delivery, not even the stock are pure light, You can grab the goods downstream firms apparent heat. TCC Yingde two kilns currently Almighty production, supply 37 to 380,000 tons per month, with an average daily shipments of around 13,000 tons, is currently being built third set kiln, has been in the 10th firing test, scheduled on the 20th may supply of clinker, will catch this wave of rising wind. TCC has decided that from the 15th, Yingde cement shipments, then hike 20 yuan per ton, so the price came to 400 yuan. After finalizing TCC price plans, ring mud cement plant located in Huizhou, Guangdong province, is also prepared to synchronize cement price hike, the same is 400 yuan per ton. Global cement that is currently all-around production and supply, these two months have reached an average of 11 to 120,000 tons of shipments, the original design capacity of the plant is only one hundred thousand tons, but also because this wave of looting goods pomp, let the company profit is expected to occur in December. After the South China Cement rose, the price of cement in central and western regions of the mainland is ready to Chengdu, for example, by the end of November, about 400 yuan per ton, in recent days has been hike to 430 yuan, or even higher . Asia Cement noted that the year is approaching, the demand for cement is traditionally the already very strong, naturally causing this wave of cement rose reasons. It is understood that since the second half of this year, the mainland cement price has doubled in Guangdong Province, only a few months, the price of cement rose to over half.
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