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                                      Founded in March 2011, is the enterprise specializing in the production and sale of ready-mixed concrete located Aksay County, road, convenient transportation, convenient transportation, full compliance with industry environmental standards. The company occupies 45 acres, building construction area of 300 square meters, with a total investment of 50 million yuan. Integrated companies under the Ministry of Production, marketing services business owned enterprises. Located unit testing laboratory other departments, with more than 50 employees, including mid-level technical titles 10 people, large, secondary school, college or higher accounted for 30%, related technical management personnel have many years of management experience in commodity concrete production technology.
                                          Our company is a provider of concrete research and development, production, sale, transport integration services for the construction of high-tech, green-oriented enterprises. Processes, technology, equipment selection, transport capacity, the technological content of products quality monitoring instruments, the degree of modernization are at the same industry-leading position. It can produce 560,000 cubic meters of high-quality concrete products.
                                          The company has "China Machinery top ten brands", the country's leading construction machinery industry ranked first, "Famous Chinese Trademark" the machinery industry leading enterprises Zoomlion production HSZ90 type automated mixing plant production line 2, 37 m concrete pump 5 vehicles, to pump 2, in the case of concrete mixer truck 16, and adequate reserves of raw materials perfect field, the repository (warehouse), may be insufficient to ensure that raw materials or changes in the market, the continuous supply of the market more than 500,000 cubic meters of concrete. I am using the entire computer automatic control system to ensure the continuity of production, greatly improving the weighing accuracy and productivity, can mix various types of concrete for the construction of various types of construction projects, roads, bridges, etc., the production capacity per day up to 1440 cubic meters.
                                          The company has 120 square meters of laboratories, and hired a rich experience in the production of concrete professional and technical personnel, production quality to provide a guarantee for the company's future development has laid a firm foundation of talent. Laboratory is equipped with 20 digital Dun cement flexural compression testing machine, KZJ-5000 cement electric bending machine, HY40B standard curing box, HS-40 concrete concrete permeability meter, 101-2 oven, NLD-3 cement mortar fluidity tester, (WAY-200) 200 tonnes of concrete hydraulic presses explicit, strict internal quality assurance system, supply of raw materials to do the monitoring, production monitoring, able to complete a full test program needed for production and inspection of various raw materials for the production of a strong technical support, fully capable of providing customers with quality products qualified.
                                          Since production, attaches great importance to standardized, scientific production management, establish and improve various rules and regulations, as well as quality assurance system, established concrete sales to double in urban development projects as the main supply concrete surrounding the construction of large projects to complement the network system, and always flattering "quality first, service first" principle of service, for all types of projects for the full range of high-quality concrete. Enterprises will strive to build a modern city pairs intensive production and sale of goods concrete base.
                                          We have the spirit of "honesty, quality and quantity of" business philosophy, in the integrity and quality constantly looking for new breakthroughs, always pursue the "good faith, mutual benefit and win-win" concept of cooperation, Li Jing Zhi, adhere to the implementation of quality production, the implementation of sophisticated management, improve the overall quality, create industry brand, to achieve the strategic objectives set sail, no turning back. To provide the most reliable product quality and the integrity of the service with the technical and commercial strength of the concrete market.
                                          Faced with new challenges and opportunities, we will continue to forge ahead, to be creative Concrete Association under the guidance of the provincial administration office and the provincial government, and constantly improve the technological innovation capability of enterprises to further improve the market competitiveness, and strive to build service brand, bigger and stronger enterprise for building a moderately prosperous society, promote local economic development to make a positive contribution.

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