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                                      Company Profile

                                        Gansu Hengya Cement Co., Ltd., established on October 21th, 2010, with registered capital of CNY 300 million, is located in the Industrial Park of Akesai County, Jiuquan, Gansu Province, covering an area of more than 350,000m2. With two clinker cement production lines each having a daily capacity of 2,500 tons constructed by and with a total investment of CNY 1 billion from Hengyuan Investment (Holding) Group, Hengya Cement can realize an annual production of clinker of 1,500,000 tons and cement of 2,000,000 tons. The first line was successfully put into production in November, 2013. Adhering to the production process principle aiming at “amplifying production scale, improving production efficiency, reducing materials and energy consumption, and strengthening environmental protection”, Hengya Cement adopts internationally advanced cement production technique — cyclone preheater and precalciner. Besides the cement production lines, the 2*4.5MW Waste Heat Recovery System, Low Nitrogen Combustion & Denitration Unit and a modern logistics center have also been built and integrated into Hengya Cement plant.

                                        Riding in the express for the development of Silk Road Economic Belt, the second cement production line is expected to be completed by the end of August 2015, and after completion, the second line, producing mainly special cement, can achieve annual production of 1,000,000 tons special cement withoutput value of CNY 500 million and tax contribution of over CNY 50 million.

                                        Hengya Cement’s 2*2500 tpd clinker cement production lines, after full completion and putting into production, can realize an annual production of high-grade cement of 2,000,000 tons, annual power generation of 58,000,000 kWh, annual transportation volume of over 5,000,000 tons, sales revenue of CNY 800 million tax contribution of over CNY 80 million, and create jobs for over 700 persons. For now, Hengya Cement has already recruited 450 persons for different types of work, of which 400 are recruited locally in Aksai County.

                                        Hengya Cement, with types of product including PC 32.5, OPC 42.5, OPC 52.5, retarded cement, low-alkali cement and high & moderate SRC (oil well cement), not only occupies the cement market in neighboring areas, but also reaches to other areas in Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Tibet and Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan. Hengya Cement has been playing a significant role in facilitating the economic restructuring of Akesai County, strengthening industrial development momentum, accelerating the development of the Silk Road Economic Belt, and promoting the harmony, stability and sustainable social & economic development of the ethnic minority areas.

                                        While building unremittingly the harmony between man and man, man and nature, Hengya Cement keeps improving its own quality in an all-round way as well. Adhering to the operation principle of “Being Credible, Quality First”, Hengya Cement is committed to contributing to the community with high quality and ever-improving products, growing together with the community for a better future.

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